The SFR junior triple pad set provides essential skate protection for knees, elbows and wrists. Available in nine colours.


  • Essential protection for kids
  • Knee, elbow and wrist guards with impact caps
  • Soft lining and Velcro straps
  • Colour-coded rivets and inserts
  • Available in S/M/L


The advised fitment size guide for the knee/elbow/wrist pad:

Size S: 20-50kg weight; <120cm / <4’
Size M: 20-50kg weight; <155cm – 160cm / <5.1‘ – 5.3’
Size L: 20-50kg weight; 160cm – 180cm / 5.3’ – 5.11‘

Correct sizing will depend on several factors including age, sex, body development and preference to being worn under or over clothing

A larger size may be required if wearing the pads over clothing

Please note: This fitment guide is for reference only and product may need trying on for correct fit.